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COVID-19: Stockholm does not give a shit April 6, 2020

Stockholm puts to the test COVID-19 herd immunity theory.

COVID-19: Stockholm does not give a shit
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"We further recognize the need for ventilators, ventilator accessories, and other respiratory devices may outpace the supply available to health care facilities. We have issued an immediately in effect guidance outlining a policy intended to help increase availability of ventilators and their accessories as well as other respiratory devices. In addition to the guidance, the FDA has issued an EUA that authorizes the emergency use of ventilators, anesthesia gas machines modified for use as ventilators, and positive pressure breathing devices modified for use as ventilators (collectively referred to as "ventilators"), ventilator tubing connectors, and ventilator accessories, that FDA determines meet the specified criteria for safety, performance and labeling.", Source: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Preparedness Market Analysis